Ethereum Classic


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Ethereum Classic STATISTIC

  • $6.98 USD Price
  • 827.77% ROI
  • #26 Market Rank
  • $651,186,621 USD 24 Hour Volume
  • 116,313,299 ETC Circulating Supply
  • 116,313,299 ETC Total Supply
  • 210,700,000 ETC Max Supply
  • $0.452446 USD
    (Jul 25, 2016)
    All Time High
  • $47.77 USD
    (Dec 21, 2017)
    All Time Low
  • $13.15 USD /
    $3.30 USD
    52 Week High / Low
  • $8.23 USD /
    $5.44 USD
    90 Day High / Low
  • $8.23 USD /
    $5.95 USD
    30 Day High / Low
  • $8.23 USD /
    $6.71 USD
    7 Day High / Low
  • $7.03 USD /
    $6.80 USD
    24 Hour High / Low
  • $6.98 USD /
    $6.80 USD
    Yesterday's High / Low


Ethereum Classic?

  1. Ethereum Classic is known as a very safe coin in the industry. Ethereum was attacked, resulting in an insecurity in humans against Ethereum. This has led many investors to turn to Ethereum Classic.
  2. The Ethereum Classic system has an uncensible system and is absolutely decentralized. In this way, the anonymous identity of the users is protected without any problems.
  3. Where code is to be implemented within the ETC community, 100 percent consensus is needed.
  4. The Blockchain system includes the Ethereum Classic Wallet application, where you can collect ETCs.
  5. Listed for the first time on the Poloniex system, ETC is currently used in many cryptocurrency exchanges. The answer to the Ethereum Classic question is therefore very simple. You can purchase on many crypto money exchange platforms.
  6. Buying ETC may be preferable for long-term investment. It is possible to purchase ETC via the Binance system. In addition, company accounts may also use ETC.
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As it is known, the most popular virtual currency after Bitcoin is Ethereum. However, when the history of Ethereum is examined, it will be easily understood how the formation called ETC emerged. In recent years there has been an attack on the Ethereum system. As a result of this attacker ETC was recognized by a wide audience. At the moment there is a big contention between Ethereum Classic and ETC. Ether in the market is shared by these two platforms. The current value of ETH will continue to be at risk as ETC continues to be produced. Don't forget to read the rest of our article to get more detailed answers to What is Ethereum Classic.